Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 27th, 2010 Panama to Galapagos

Second attempt for Bristol Rose to sail to Galapagos Islands

Depart Taboga Island Morning of Saturday 27th March, 2010

Weather forecast is for light and variable winds. Anticipate a slow sail.

Planned Route:
due south for the first 150nm
218 T for 185nm to Malpelo Is.
240 T for 565nm to Galapagos.

Make landfall at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Isla San Cristobal around 3rd of April, 2010


8:00 am 8155 Khz net with other cruising boats
9:00 am 8143 Khz Check in with Pan Pacific Net
5:00 pm 8155 Khz net with other cruising boats

Monitor VHF Channel 16

Post Noon Position Reports to both WARC and Winlink

Bristol Rose will be traveling with the following Yachts

Inspiration Lady (Canada)
Anthem (USA)
Jackster (UK)

We are looking forward to an uneventful passage.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Communications Plan for Western Pacific

While sailing, between Panama and the Galapagos, Bristol Rose will monitor the following radio frequencies.

VHF channel 16 when underway


0900am (local time) Pan Pacific Net Frequency 8143 kHz

0500pm (local time) Frequency 8155 kHz

In addition we will pick up AirMail email via SSB radio and post regular position reports.

Monday, March 8, 2010


What have we been doing?

Bristol Rose is in need of repairs following our accident.

So far, so good

MaxProp gears were sheared. A local machine shop repaired the propeller with help from the US distributor and Bill Ramus for Shannon.

Simrad Autopilot is repaired, thanks to local support company

New downwind sails are on order

New Bilge pump is on order

What? how did all this happen. Spinnaker sheet wrapped around prop and broke gears. during our tow at 9 knts we lost our new sail even though it was strapped to the deck. the back pressure on the bilge pump stipped the gears. score so far $120 for accident, $5000 from the rescue. Hmmm